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Please note that we are getting more and more requests to volunteer with us as awareness of green issues increases and we only able to accomodate a fraction of applicants. Please don't be disappointed if we cannot place you. Also, some emails fall throught he net so if you are really keen to visit, keep trying.


volunteers taking a break

If you are eager and willing to get stuck in and lend a hand, come as a volunteer... get your hands dirty in the garden, in the woods, on the land; dig something, build something, cook something.

We offer half-day volunteering for half-board.

We will provide you with somewhere to sleep and a shared meal most weekdays.
You will need to provide your own breakfast and lunch, but there is usually veg in the garden,
milk and eggs to help you along.

geeting stuck in

Individual Volunteers
can come for up to a week only on their first visit. (Later visits can be longer) There is no charge for coming as a short term volunteer - we offer half-day volunteering for half-board.

All volunteers are sponsored by someone who is responsible for making sure they have somewhere to stay, know their way around, and have work to do that they are happy with.

When you write, if someone wants to sponsor your visit at that time, they will get back to you to arrange things with you.

Your work can be quite varied, so ask your sponsor what it will be like.

Volunteer Weeks
will have maybe four people at a time, often working on a particular project. There is no charge for coming on a volunteer week - we offer half-day volunteering for half-board.

These happen often quite randomly, when someone has a big project to do and decides to sponsor a volunteer week - so keep an eye on the diary at the front page of the site, or contact us and ask when the next one will be.

Long Term Volunteers
live much as part of the community for several months (up to 6). We do not accept long term volunteers unless they've previously visited for an initial week, as we need to be sure that everyone will be happy.

We ask long term volunteers to contribute financially (about £30 per week including eating and heating costs), reflecting the commitment and responsibilty of being more part of the community.

Places for ALL volunteers are limited and need to be arranged in advance.

How to Apply:

  1. First, read the detailed Information For Visitors sheet. You can pick out the bits that apply to volunteers.
  2. Still interested? Check the Diary at the front of the website to see if we're full or not.
  3. Email us, with a bit of information about yourself, making it clear that you want to come as a volunteer, and for what weeks you're free.
  4. All volunteer letters go on the noticeboard for a week, for people to read. So it will be 10 days at least before you get a reply.
  5. If we have space, AND someone is able to sponsor your visit, they will get in touch to arrange things.
  6. Otherwise you'll get a reply to let you know it isn't possible.
  7. If we offer you a place PLEASE CONFIRM as soon as possible. If we don't hear from you within 10 days we'll offer the place to someone else!

For all potential visitors; PLEASE NOTE: Accommodation is limited, and demand is high. For every person we accept as a volunteer or visitor there are several others we have to turn down.

Secondly, when we have bookings, extra meals are cooked and suitable work activities are planned, taking man/ woman power away from other tasks. So we ask you to understand that it is really inconvenient for us and unfair to other potential visitors if you don't turn up or have to cancel at very short notice.

Please confirm your place well before you are due to come and if you do have to cancel your visit, do so as soon as you can to give us a chance to offer the place to someone else.

We are a friendly, laid back sort of place but it really does matter whether or not you come. Thanks!

If you are travelling from overseas, please bear in mind that we do not accept visitors who have come on an aeroplane.
The environmental cost of flying far out weighs the benefit of your stay. For details of our reasons, see this page here.

For really easy non-flying travel arrangements coming from Europe see the man in seat 61


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