Tir Ysbrydol

(Spirit Land)

Tir Ysbrydol is a very low impact embryonic community dedicated to developing our relationship with the earth and nature spirits, and each other, to fully realise our potential as cosmic spiritual beings.
We take seriously our responsibilities at this critical time in the universe to work to raise our vibration as we approach 2012.

We aim to live as simply and comfortably as possible, and have fun.
Currently negotiating with the planners, we hope to be able to expand in the near future, and at present have space for visitors and people interested in helping or joining us.

Please leave a message on 01239 821099 if you want to get in touch.

hay store and horse shelter green lane down to Tir Ysbrydol carting hay from the top hay field, summer 2002 the saddle field the first steps in making a new clawdd (bank and ditch) by hand Emma completes the bank and ditch the oldest hut, built in 1998 of straw bales on pallets
the Pleiades hut

reciprocal frame roof inside big hut