Brithdir Mawr became a community in 1994 when Julian and Emma Orbach purchased the property together with the land at auction. The focus of the community soon evolved to meeting as many of our needs as possible from the land and we now grow most of our own vegetables and fruit, plant and coppice our own fire wood and generate all of the electricity we use from the river, sun and wind.

Since the early days many people have come and gone, some staying for just a short time, some for as long as 20 years. During this time Brithdir Mawr has welcomed thousands of visitors including friends and family, volunteers, course participants, event attendees and students on Permaculture Design courses.

Most went away with very fond memories of this special land and having learnt something new about sustainable living, reducing their carbon footprint or growing food without the use of chemicals. We, in turn, have learnt from them and always seek to improve what we do here.

Our biggest challenge now is to save Brithdir Mawr Community and safeguard this land into the future. Our landlord is now looking to part ways with Brithdir and wants to sell the property, we have been given first refusal before it goes to the market, however, we need to raise a significant amount of money.

Having looked into many different possibilities we have decided the best way forward is to aim to put the land into a Community Benefit Society that will protect the housing and the land indefinitely. To do this we are planning a Crowdfund Campaign, this way the project will be truly community owned.

Over the next 25 years we want Brithdir Mawr to be even more outward looking, we want to be able to use this land to make a positive difference to our society and to the environment in which we live. However, to make this possible we need help.

We need people to donate to our Crowdfund Campaign, we need people to make a noise about us, and we need help with marketing and making it all happen. The Crowdfund Campaign is now live, please donate by clicking the button below. If you want to talk to us about any of this or can help us out in any way please do send an email to or alternatively via our Facebook/Instagram pages.

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